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Things you wish you could have said … Happy Friday!


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Adorable kitten ‘helps’ clean windows

Wouldn’t it be great if we had cute helpers like this lil’ guy to get us through every work day?


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Happy Friday Everyone!

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Hawk Attack! -The dangers and perils of window cleaning

Written by Roberto Castillo


It started off as a regular morning. We worked from morning until noon, and went for lunch as usual. After lunch, we stepped into the swing stage and began going up to continue our window washing work. Our job was to clean the windows from the 21st floor, all the way down to the bottom. But when we passed the 16th floor, we saw an excessive amount of feathers floating down from the sky.

We continued up until we reached the 19th floor, and at that point we saw the head of a giant bird, peering down at us. We frantically pressed the buttons to go up faster but upon reaching the 20th floor, we saw the bird in its entirety. It’s beady eyes were looking straight back at me. It was huge! It flew towards us, with its claws still firmly gripping the dead body of a half eaten seagull.

It circled around and proceeded to fly directly at us. We started to freak out and our survival instincts clicked in. Immediately I grabbed my squeegee, while my coworker, Cesar, grabbed the scraper as his first line of defense. We braced ourselves and prepared for attack. But when we looked up the huge bird flew away.

It was a scary sight: the blood, the feathers and the seagull remains, scattered about on the side of the building. We went downstairs to inform the building manager,  just in case the bird decided to come back to finish his lunch. When we spoke with the head of security, he let us know that what we actually saw was a hawk. Certain species of hawks will pluck their prey before eating. And you know they are around when you see a pile of feathers on the ground or floating down from a tree limb. Even though they can be dangerous, hawks are protected by the BC Wildlife Act and hurting one can result in fines or even jail time.

Jail or no jail, I would never want to pick a fight with such a scary animal! I figured the hawk was at least 2.5 meters with outstretched wings.

Out of curiosity though, I looked it up and found that under the BC Wildlife Act:

All birds are considered wildlife and are afforded full protection under the BC Wildlife Act.  A person commits an offence if the person except as provided by regulation or by an issued permit, possesses, takes, injures, molests or destroys a bird or its eggs.

Fair enough. Let’s leave those beautiful birds alone.

Our workday was put on hold and we played it safe by waiting about an hour before continuing the job. And then it was just work as usual, except this day I got to go home with an exciting new story that only gets better over drinks!

My advice to anyone who comes face to face with a hawk, is  to try to have quick access to your phone so you can take pictures.  Just kidding. But on a more serious note, don’t try to be tough and just let the animals do their thing.  They have a right to be there too. The hawk is a beautiful animal but it can also be extremely dangerous. Did you know that the Red-Tailed Hawk is on the list of Top 10 Birds most likely To Kill You? I feel lucky that nothing happened to us!

Please stay safe out there.

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