Dryer Vent Cleaning

Save money and save lives with dryer vent cleaning!

When you choose Black Tie for your cleaning needs, you can be assured that we will take every step necessary to provide you with best cleaning results. We thoroughly clean through the lint trap, fan and all attached ductwork because we know if the complete system is not cleaned, any small blockage can cause dryer inefficiencies and moisture buildup. We use the latest equipment and techniques available to provide you with great cleaning results. Our qualified technicians are focused on quality and your satisfaction, guaranteed!

There are main 2 reasons why regular dryer vent cleaning is important.

  1. Energy savings: Over the course of time, dryer lint and debris accumulates in the dryer ducts, reducing the efficiency or your dryer. When a dryer vent is clogged, it has to work up to 10x as hard to dry clothes. If clothes need to be run through a second dry cycle, it will use at least twice the energy it should, decreasing the life expectancy of the dryer. This will result in longer drying times and larger energy bills.
  2. Safety: The reduced air flow caused by the accumulation of dryer lint can cause the dryer motor to labor harder and overheat. The dryer lint is highly flammable and when it gets backed up close to the electric heat element in the dryer, it can easily combust. This could cause damage to your dryer, or even worse cause a fire. Click here for the Consumer Product Safety Commission Report.

The National Fire Protection Association says that dryers are among the most common type of household equipment fires, ranking third behind stoves and fixed area heaters. It also states that from 1990-1998, they were involved in a per-year average of 14,800 home fires with $75.8 million in direct property damage. Lack of maintenance was the number one cause of dryer fires.
October 2002“The Chieftain” Fire Chief’s Association of BC.

Black Tie Property Services would like to add a third reason to this list:

  1. Convenience: By scheduling dryer vent cleaning in conjunction with window cleaning, property managers can reduce scheduling headaches, minimize correspondence requirements, and ensure that tenants receive consistent, quality service. As an added bonus, we are currently offering package discounts for the spring of 2015 when you book both services with us.

The dryer duct is in need of a regular cleaning because when it’s not maintained for a long period of time, it can cause lint to build up and also water builds up in the ducting which eventually destroys the piping and water will start leaking into the ceiling.

Recommended dryer duct maintenance schedule:

  • Residential – Every 18-24 months
  • Commercial/ Central Laundry – Every 6-12 Months

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