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Introducing our new Gutter Care Warranty Program

Property Managers spoke up, and we listened: Introducing our new Gutter Care Warranty Program
Just in time for the heavy rain and gutter cleaning season, we introduce a new service that will allow stratas to purchase peace of mind and a trouble-free gutter system.

Over the last few months, a few of our customers have asked us to include follow-up visits and small repairs to our gutter cleaning quotes. We have also received several calls after the heavy rainstorms that have hit the region a few weeks ago, resulting in one-time calls to unplug drains or clean short gutter sections.

A great example of what happens on a somewhat regular basis is what happened at Alexander Walk, a strata located in New Westminster, and managed by Peak Property Management. The gutters were cleaned mid-August, unusually early in the season. On October 10th, we received an email from the property manager. It appeared that, after a heavy rain, a section of gutters was not performing properly and some water was overflowing right onto an owner’s porch. Evidently, after spending good money on their gutter cleaning, the strata was less than thrilled in paying for a one-time call ($180.00) to have the problem looked at. From our perspective, the 7 days allowed to report deficiencies had long passed, so we found ourselves in the difficult position of having to chose between enforcing our policy, at the risk of angering or even losing a client, or making and exception that might set a dangerous precedent. Indeed, how long after is a job completed can we allow for deficiency calls?

Especially for gutter cleaning, if the job is done early in the season, the gutters are bound to get clogged again.
In this case, we decided to make exception to the rule and we sent a crew to report on, and fix the issue. It appeared that the strong winds had carried some small branches and moss into the gutter and had clogged the drain in that section. The crew took some pictures of the problem area and they were sent to the property manager. This was done at no charge to the strata.

Around the same time, two separate property managers, requesting gutter quotes, asked us to include small repairs as well as subsequent visits, as a separate line-item on our quote, to allow their stratas to purchase "gutter cleaning insurance" so to speak. Wanting to make sure we get this right, we consulted with 5 of our key clients to get input on the wording of our offering as well as price point. After compiling all feedback, we are happy to unveil our brand new Gutter Care Warranty Program, to be included in all gutter quotes from now on.

We hope this will serve your customer needs and take the pressure off of gutter call backs.


Here is the jist of it:

Each gutter quote will have a minimum of two items: our regular cleaning quote and, on a separate line, the one-time Gutter Care Warranty Program, which includes the following:


 Up to 3 hours of minor gutter repairs, including caulking of faulty joints, disassembling and cleaning of clogged elbow joints, re-affixing of fallen gutters and downspouts.

  • Before and after photo report
  • Up to 3 service calls in the 6 months following the initial gutter cleaning*
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours of placing the service call

 * One service call includes up to 3 hours of cleaning and/or minor repairs, including travel time. Should more than 3 hours be required to perform the task, a separate quote along with photos will be submitted for approval. Lift rental, if necessary, is not included.









Interested? Please contact us directly to inquire about our one-time fee.  No obligations to buy.

Phone: 604-629-9055


If you have any questions regarding this new addition to our services or would like to offer any suggestions …

We would like to hear from you. Please contact Sebastien directly at

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