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Meet Black Tie’s Dynamic Duo: Curtis & Ruth


Curtis and Ruth are two of the most interesting window cleaners to have ever worked for Black Tie Property Services. They are engaged to be married and have been working exterior maintenance jobs together for a year and a half. Straight away I was impressed by how positive and cheerful they are. They are hardworking, successful and will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. From not charging elderly ladies every once in a while, to bringing customers chocolates, these two truly have hearts of gold.

How did you meet?

We met at the grocery store, waiting for deli meat!

Background and Experience:

Curtis used to work as a service technician, flying all over Western Canada to service and install heavy equipment. He is literally a “Jack of all Trades” holding tickets as a gas fitter, electrician, plumber, welder, etc. Ruth worked as a talented photo editor, submitting her work to several different websites.

How did you come to start working together?

Curtis decided he wanted to finally start his business and I decided to help. Between the two of us we can do almost any job, and in the past two years, we have done so many different types of jobs.

2012-05-08_14-25-41_385 Curtis & Ruth Pressure Washing at International Village – May 2012

What are the types of jobs you do?

We have done pretty much everything, from roof de-mossing, roof patch and repair, painting, sealing driveways to landscaping, building stairs and decks, retaining walls, fireplace installations, electrical re-wiring for a house, bathroom renovations and gutter cleaning and installations. Since starting to work for Black Tie, about a year ago, we have been doing mostly Window Cleaning and Power Washing, which is our favourite type of work.

What do you like about working side by side?

The best part about working side by side is we work well together. We know what each other is thinking, and we help each other to get the job done. We will never really need anyone else to help us because we have each other’s help. The BEST part is we don’t get lonely. Neither one of us, are the lazy type, so it’s hard when one goes to work and the other stays behind. If we are to argue, it’s usually over something stupid like who gets to do what at work. We don’t ever get sick of each other and somehow we manage to balance our home life and our work life.


Are there ways that you two balance each other out to help you work as a team?

What Curtis lacks in patience, I make up for as I have enough patience for the both of us. When one of us is tired or frustrated, the other one will automatically pick up the other’s slack. We also clean differently and scrub differently. I like to think I add a woman’s touch to a man’s job.

What do you like about working for Black Tie Property Services?

We LOVE working for Black Tie because we get to stay busy and most of the staff are friends to us now. But on top of all that…. you guys treat us the way any employee should be treated. We like that we are a very close group because we all work well together, and there’s no worry about doing favours or asking for help. Everyone is there for each other to get the job done no matter what.


Black Tie Team Meeting – Spring 2012 From Left: Curtis, Ruth, Nick, Rob & Sebastien

(For Ruth): What’s it like being a woman in the window cleaning industry?

R: I LOVE the work, but it’s hard because I get mud in my hair and it gets frizzy from the water. It’s getting harder to keep my nails and hands clean and soft. I am still a girl and have to try and look pretty. I’m scared to death of ALL BUGS – spiders most of all. and it seems like all jobs are LOADED with spiders. But that’s where Curtis comes in -he protects me from the bugs!!!

clip_image001Favorite TV Show: Homes on Homes

Be sure to look out for Ruth & Curtis on a job site near you!

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