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Giving back: how Black Tie supports not for profit housing in Vancouver

Vancouver has its fair share of non-profit housing and associations managing their real-estate portfolios. Over the last 4 years, Black Tie Property Services has been asked to quote on several projects for non-profit organizations.  We are grateful to have had the chance to work with quite a few in the past years.

One that stood out for us last year, was the Vancouver Native Housing Society. Managing over 20 multi-unit residential properties, located on Vancouver’s East side, VNHS offers affordable housing and social programs for the underprivileged, chronically ill or handicapped in the Native community. Upon our first meeting, we immediately noticed their high level of professionalism and it quickly became clear that their internal systems and organization would put to shame some of their corporate counterparts. Their buildings were well managed and properly maintained.

Over the following 2 months, we worked in conjunction with VNHS and cleaned most of their properties, following a strict schedule. Working closely with Patrick Snowwolf, Building and Asset Systems Manager, we managed to deliver all aspects of the projects on time, and on budget. Seeing how much dedication was going into their work, and what a great impact it had in their community, we started brainstorming ways to also give back and support their efforts.

After discussing this at length, we decided to test out a credit program that would give back 10% of all money spent on our services within a calendar year.

Here’s how it works: say VNHS spends $20,000 on services for spring-cleaning. We would then issue a credit for $2,000, eligible to be spent between January 1, and March 31 of the following year. This is a significant boost for organizations operating on limited budgets and allows them to schedule services that they would otherwise need to hold off on. It’s a Win-Win situation because it also keeps our crews busy during times that are typically slow for us.

This credit program is currently being tested out with VNHS and we are getting ready to offer it to all non-profit housing organizations in 2015.

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