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First rule of safety: Never stop learning!

        SPRAT Certification course at Pacific Ropes

BT Pacific Rope worksJanuary is typically a very slow month in the window cleaning industry. Due to the seasonal nature of our business, our rope access staff usually has a much lighter workload during this time. What better time to delve deeper into safety protocols, and advance our training and expertise? .

This year, Pacific Ropes, a Richmond based company headed by young entrepreneur Tim Zaigel started offering rope access training. We attended an open house tour of their facilities and were so impressed with their professionalism, and willingness to tailor to our training needs, that we decided to attend their new rope access program.

It is important to note that rope access training is not required by Worksafe BC in order to perform maintenance work from ropes in the province of British Columbia. “When I started in the business, 15 years ago, I was shown how to put on a harness, how to tie a half-hitch knot and was told to get over the side of a 10 story building. That was the extent of my training, and it was terrifying!” says Sebastien Nault, owner and CEO of Black Tie Property Services. “Even if it isn’t mandatory, it’s nice to be able to provide our staff with training that will minimize risk to themselves and give them the knowledge necessary to work safely. From an employer perspective, it also provides peace of mind, knowing that our crew is abiding by the highest level of industry guidelines, going above and beyond what is required from Worksafe BC.

IMG_0608This January, five of our rope access staff attended a weeklong course at Pacific Ropes’ facility. We are proud to report that all 5 passed with flying colors. The week was spent practicing different types of rigging, learning about the science and physics behind rope work, and rehearsing various rescue scenarios. The last day consisted of one-on-one examinations with a SPRAT assessor flown in from the US. The partner work required throughout the course served as a great team-building exercise, which also furthered trust within our team.

We would like to congratulate our new graduates:

Rob Baril: SPRAT Level 1

David Inzunza: SPRAT Level 2

Phillip Walter: SPRAT Level 3, IRATA Level 2

Mark May: SPRAT Level 1

Roberto Castillo: SPRAT Level 2

SPRATT Instructor Bodhi Somersun Also, a huge thank you goes out to the Pacific Ropes staff, in particular instructor Bodhi Somersun, for making this a seamless and valuable experience.

We look forward to bringing you another year of world-class, safe services in 2015!

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