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How Black Tie will keep you from getting stuck in the snow

Now that the trees are almost bare, the Christmas decorations have popped up with a vengeance, and the 1st snow has fallen,you might want to  consider  your snow removal options. After all, it could snow more any day now, and freezing temperatures have already arrived in the Lower Mainland.

Do you have a plan in place for snow removal and deicing for the buildings you manage? Are you thinking about how to protect your strata residents from slip and falls on the icy roads? Most large stratas have contracts in place to make sure they’re covered in case of freezing rain or snow, but if you manage smaller properties that rely on residents and on-site caretakers for sharing of shovel duties, you might need extra help in a significant snowfall. And when the cold wind blows, we at Black Tie Property Services would love to help!


Over the last few years, our valued customers continued to ask for snow removal services.  And since we aim to please,  we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Full-Service Snow Removal Division so that we can offer our services to customers in need of help. Starting today, December 1st,2014 we have 4 vehicles and 10 technicians equipped with shovels, salt and a great attitude, ready to be dispatched anywhere between West Vancouver and Langley.

Please contact us here, if you would like to receive more information or inquire about pricing. Please note that we do not offer contractual agreements for snow removal. This service is purely on call and offered on a first come first serve basis.

Cheers, and let it snow! Don’t worry we are ready & and we got your back!


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